There are many roads in the world, and the end of the road is not the real purpose of walking. The real purpose lies in the scenery along the way. Today, let's take a look at these beautiful self-driving tour routes to enjoy different scenery!

Iceland - Roundabout Route 1

Route 1 is 1,332 kilometers long and travels along the road with extraordinary views such as lakes, mountains, sea pillars, fjords, islands and icebergs. There are also local features of boiling blue mud pits, flowing lava and curious reindeer. The best time to travel by car is from June to September each year, when it is summer in Iceland, it is extremely daytime and there is almost no darkness at all. Moreover, public transportation and roads will be specially opened to make it more convenient for tourists who travel by car.

New Zealand - National Highway 43

Because the road on the North Island is relatively remote, there are no human traces and unspoiled scenery along the way, so it is called "The Road of the Forgotten World". The road is about 150 kilometers long, and the only town on the road is Whangamomona. Driving on this highway with more sheep than people will give you a feeling of being outside the world, as if you have entered a paradise in a trance.

Brazil - SC-390 Highway

The road that surrounds the Serrado Rio do Rastro Mountains is only 16 miles long, but it attracts road travelers from all over the world. This road allows you to drive through jungle-covered peaks and into the depths of the rainforest. The road eventually leads to a plateau that is a popular ecotourism spot.

Italy - Amalfi Road

Unesco once called the Amalfir Coast "a quintessentially beautiful and quintessentially Mediterranean landscape". The lane is winding and winding, leaning on the sea, 25 kilometers long and winding, which can be called a unique and legendary lane in the world. The villages and towns staggered in steps, the tunnels directly through the cliffs, and the rippling Mediterranean Sea, there are many unparalleled scenery along the way that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Australia - Great Ocean Road

This is probably the most beautiful coastal road in the southern hemisphere, and it is also the best self-driving route. Stretching along the west coast of Victoria, it has been eroded over the years. Although there are only a few intact Twelve Apostles and a vast wasteland, the verdant rainforest and the surging sea water are still the unchanging scenery on this winding road for hundreds of years.