Motorboating is a sport that integrates viewing and competition, and is one of the competitive sports with greater influence. This is also a water entertainment project that many friends will definitely play when they go to the island for vacation. When driving a motorboat at sea, they will feel the greatest relaxation.

Powerboats are popular because they are quick to pick up, easy to maneuver, and entertaining, but they can also be an instant disaster if you don't take them seriously. Next, let's take a look at the precautions when driving a motorboat.

The sport of motor boating originated in the United States in the late nineteenth century. In 1903, more than 20 powerboat clubs in the United States jointly established a unified organization, which was later the "American Powerboat Association". By 1922, motorboat enthusiasts formed the International Motorboat Federation in Brussels, Belgium. In 1924, after the advent of outboard engines, the sport of motorboats was also better developed.

There are many different types of motor boats that have been developed so far, including racing boats, sports boats, yachts, motor boats, jet skis, etc. We can choose the one we are most interested in to practice. But motorboating is a dangerous sport after all, and it is best to practice motorboating in a field with specialized coaches and lifeguards. Therefore, for beginners, it is necessary to be accompanied and practiced by a professional before driving a motorboat alone.

First of all, we must read the operation manual carefully. Every motorboat has an operation manual. When you buy a motorboat, the operation manual, key, warranty document, and safe driving CD are all necessary items. If you don't want to harm yourself, please take a moment to read the operation manual carefully, and watch the safe driving CD carefully, you will definitely gain something, at least you will know the basic safe sailing rules.

When driving a motorboat at sea, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the body and the motorboat. When the motorboat is docking, it is necessary to slow down slowly at this time, and it cannot be turned off immediately. Remember to drive at a low speed, so as to ensure safety.

In addition, those necessary equipment must be prepared. A life jacket is the most important piece of equipment. In the event of an accident, a life jacket at least keeps you afloat, giving yourself or others a chance to rescue. Goggles should also be worn well. Goggles can not only effectively avoid the sting of salty sea water to the eyes, but also prevent the damage to the eyes and eyes caused by the water flow when falling into the water at high speed.

driving skills

1. Sit on the motorboat and insert the key, and put the key on the right hand to prevent the key from slipping off when the motorboat is running at high speed.

2. Please drive at low speed when starting or returning to avoid damage to the machine.

3. When the motorboat is driving at high speed at sea, please do not make sharp turns, so as to avoid personal injury caused by the overturning of the boat.

4. When the motorboat is driving at high speed at sea, please keep the balance between yourself and the motorboat.