From the development of construction machinery in recent years, the excavator has developed relatively fast, and the excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction.

The three most important parameters of excavators: operating weight (mass), engine power, and bucket capacity.

The first excavator in the world was successfully invented in the French Poclain factory.

In 1951, the first fully hydraulic backhoe was launched by the Poclain factory in France, thus opening up a whole new space in the technical development of excavators, and in the early and mid-1950s, towed full rotary hydraulic excavators and tracked full hydraulic excavators were developed.

Initially, the excavator was manual, from its invention to 2013 has been more than one hundred and thirty years, during which it has undergone a gradual development process from a steam-driven bucket rotary excavator to an electric-driven and internal combustion engine-driven rotary excavator, fully automatic hydraulic excavator with the application of mechatronic-hydraulic integration technology.

How obsessed can young boys be with excavators?

Boys seem to like cars, airplanes, and other mechanical things since childhood, such things are often representative of "power", and as heavy industry operations excavators, cool appearance, huge shapes and reveal an innate sense of responsibility.

Many parents of male babies at home will find a baby that cannot sit quietly just for ten minutes at home but can keep watching an excavator for a whole day. They have dozens of excavator toys at home, but still, go out to buy excavator toys.

Excavators can be described as both destruction and construction, walking is also powerful, and simple freedom of movement is super high mechanical devices, so boys have great appeal.

Why do boys prefer excavators? Under the special preference is the normal psychological cognitive background.

Psychological perception of the background

Children, especially boys, like to see excavators has almost become a trend. And the reason why boys like excavators are because it is very much in line with the psychological development of children.

Psychologists say that from a psychological point of view, destruction and creation can be rooted in our unconscious, but because adults are more rational, these two desires are kept in check for a long time.

However, watching an excavator provides a window for us to vent our desires, and, understandably, our subconscious desires are satisfied by watching an excavator.