According to reports, Dow's innovative silicone self-healing tire solution was officially released today. This technology has been successfully applied to B-SEALS, a recyclable tire sealant recently launched by Bridgestone.

Relying on the superior performance and advanced technology of the new SiLASTICâ„¢ SST-2650 self-healing silicone, Dow will provide self-healing tire manufacturers with innovative solutions that combine high performance and sustainability. This can create a lighter, safer, and more durable driving experience for users.

"Dow's 'Seek TogetherTM' philosophy remains committed to working with partners to drive sustainable change in transportation. Today's new release of self-healing silicone products is the result of an innovative collaboration between Dow and the world's leading tire company, Bridgestone Corporation. This technology improves safety, convenience, and weight efficiency, and excels in sustainability.

"As consumers and manufacturers become more environmentally conscious, the market demand for sustainable consumer products will increase dramatically," said Jeroen Bello, director of consumer products solutions, global transportation, and transportation at The Dow Company, Dow will join hands with more partners to jointly control the future of sustainable development in the field of transportation."

Sustainability trends drive new market demands

With the increasing demand for materials for recycling and sustainability in the global automotive industry, self-healing tires are becoming a new solution for the sustainable development of the automotive industry due to their excellent lightweight performance and recyclability.

Its design principle is to form a self-sealing layer on the inner surface of the tire. Once the tire is punctured, it can be quickly sealed with excellent sealing performance, and when the foreign body is pulled out, it can instantly repair the leakage with a strong cohesive force to maintain normal performance.

As a leader in silicone technology, Dow is based on a full understanding of silicone materials and deep accumulation in silicone technology has innovated and developed more sustainable SiLASTICTM self-healing silicones, bringing new solutions to empower the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

Double enhancement of performance and technology enables the sustainable development of the industry

SiLASTICâ„¢ self-healing silicones offer unique advantages in terms of sustainability. On the one hand, unlike traditional self-healing tires, SiLASTICTM self-healing silicone can be separated from the tire after its service life ends, enabling the tire and the silicone material to be recycled and reused separately.

On the other hand, the use of SiLASTICTM self-healing silicone solution to replace the spare tire can reduce the body weight, further increase the mileage, improve fuel efficiency, and improve the freedom of vehicle design.

Sustainable solutions for low-carbon transport

The introduction of SiLASTICâ„¢ self-healing silicones further demonstrates Dow's commitment to industry sustainability by working with partners to drive a sustainable future in transportation with innovative technologies and products. Dow has committed to reducing its annual net carbon emissions by 15% by 2030 compared to 2020, or about 5 million metric tons of net annual carbon emissions, and to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.