The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room. In our daily life, the frequency of use of sofa is also very high, whether it is a person's alone time, warm family time, or happy friends gathering, etc. are all spent in the living room, so choose a good-looking and comfortable A double-height sofa is extremely important. Let's see how to choose a sofa.

First, choose a sofa according to the living room area. It is not necessary to have a whole set of sofas in the living room. If the living room is large, a whole set can be placed, but if your home space is limited, you can try to choose a small and simple sofa. The size of the sofa is between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters is enough. This not only allows the space to be fully utilized, but also allows people to move around in the living room.

Choose a sofa according to the style of your living room. Find out what the style of your home looks like. When purchasing a sofa, the style and color of the sofa should be unified with the main color of home decoration and decoration, so that the use function and decorative function of the sofa can be maximized.

Choose according to the material of the sofa. The sofa is mainly divided into three materials: fabric, leather and wood. You can choose what material according to your preferences, living habits and economic strength. Fabric sofas are relatively cheap and comfortable to sit on, but not easy to clean; leather sofas are comfortable to sit up and easy to clean, but troublesome to care for; wooden sofas are more tasteful and relatively easy to take care of, but they are not suitable for prolonged sitting.

The functionality of the sofa is also very important. In the case of small space, multi-functional furniture plays a great role. The pursuit of multi-purpose use of one thing is more attractive to you if the sofa also has a storage function.

In fact, others say that the right sofa may not be suitable for you, and everyone's living habits are different, so it must conform to their own living habits. For example, some people like to lie on the sofa and play with their mobile phones, and some people like to eat snacks while watching TV. This determines whether your sofa is movable or fixed, with armrests or those with open layouts. These vary from person to person, and all have to be decided according to their own living habits!