All couples need to reconnect with each other from time to time. It is just so easy to get swept away by the hustle and bustle, children’s schooling and activities, demanding jobs, a busy social calendar and all the things that form part of the fabric of everyday life.

Most couples would agree that spending some time away from friends, family, work and technology give them the opportunity to find themselves and each other again, to remember the romance, and to spend easy and fun time together. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, jetting off on your honeymoon, or merely seeking a getaway built for two, plan your trip with this list of the most romantic places in the world.

1. Paris, France

Most clichés became clichés for a reason, and so is the case with Paris' romantic reputation. Looking at pictures of couples in the City of Light, you can practically see the cartoon hearts in their eyes as they embrace in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris and romance go together like Valentine's Day and chocolate, anniversary dinners and candlelit bistros, marriage proposals and world-famous landmarks… all of which Paris is not-so-coincidentally known for having.

2. Venice, Italy

There's a saying that you either love or hate Venice when you visit this romantic northern Italy city. But if you go when you're feeling butterflies, The City of Water will have them swarming. Even for the well-versed traveler, Venice presents an entirely new experience, since it is the capital of the Veneto region, comprised of 100 tiny islands. Here, there are very few roads, but many canals, making a gondola ride with your main squeeze a must. As you stroll hand-in-hand across romantic bridges (don't miss the Rialto Bridge, a marvel of engineering), soaking up the undeniably hospitable Italian culture, you'll witness nods to the Renaissance era, as well as Gothic landmarks. Nibble your way through St. Mark's Square, where local vendors display their handmade goods. Hold tight to your food, though, as hundreds of pigeons swarm this area in search of tasty treats.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a cloud-like oasis that envelops travelers in an ethereal fantasy, so it's no surprise it's a popular choice among newlyweds looking for a picture-perfect honeymoon destination. The romance of the island pretty much sells itself; wandering the hilly, weathered streets, you're surrounded by bright white walls and blue roofs, and in the evenings you have front-row seats to incredible sunsets. Once the sun is down, the city lights up and the houses, churches, and restaurants glow like stars.

4. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Imagine this, if you will: canoodling with your number one and snapping a sunset selfie as you overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea from your cliffside villa in Italy. If that sounds just about perfect, the Amalfi Coast is an ideal spot for your next holiday-for-two. While this area of the Campania region is only 50 kilometers long, it lures many tourists thanks to its captivating beauty, fresh seafood, and photo-worthy panoramic views. You and your partner can navigate narrow roads and alleys; stop by fishing villages; tour clifftop villas; or spend the day on the gorgeous beach, soaking up the vitamin D, and the warmth of the Italians.

5. Kyoto, Japan

If you want to make the most of Kyoto’s amorous ambience, you’ll have to visit during spring. The best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms is between March 15 and April 15, with the full blooms usually bursting forth in early April. There’s little more romantic than taking a ride or walk through Philosopher’s Path, dodging branches drooping with the weight of their magnificent pink blooms. Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also enhanced by the blooms. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is unmissable, especially if you planned to take romantic photos on your couples’ vacation. Whether you hope to take engagement photos in a memorable setting, or selfies that will make friends at home drool with envy, this is one of the most beautiful places to photograph in Japan.