Nature has a power to purify and quiet the human heart. How the nectar silently nourishes the vegetation between heaven and earth, and how nature nourishes our body and mind silently. People like gardening because they can get in touch with nature.

The pressure of modern society is too great, and many people will suffer from depression, and if they have been engaged in gardening activities for a period of time, they can make patients forget their troubles, feel fatigued, fall asleep faster, and wake up with more energy. The condition will improve after a period of time.

Gardening can also inspire creative passions. Various gardening activities, such as potted plants, flower bed making, and garden flower planting, are the arrangement and processing of plant materials with natural beauty according to their own imagination, making them into works of art.

In addition, engaging in gardening activities for a long time can also cultivate our focus. The objects of gardening are living flowers and trees, and prudence and continuity are required in gardening activities. For example, when pruning flowers and trees, they should be selectively cut off, and when sowing, they should be covered with different depths of soil according to the size of the seeds. These require caution and attention.

If you do other things in the middle of planting flowers and trees, when you remember to plant them again, the flowers and trees may have withered. Therefore, the result of long-term gardening activities will undoubtedly develop endurance and concentration.

If you want to get into gardening, here are some tips you might use. It can save you a lot of money, and it will make your gardening life more interesting.

1. DIY Plant Markers

Colorful plant logos are very cheap, but they will be more expensive if there are more quantities. Why not DIY some special logos to make potted plants look more interesting and vivid. You can draw the names and growth habits of plants to help you better Grow plants and flowers.

2. Homemade Vinegar Herbicide

Mixing vinegar with water can get rid of some weeds in your yard very well. You don't have to spend a lot of money on pesticides with chemicals. If you have excess vinegar at home, you might as well use it as a cheap and safe herbicide.

3. Tomato Stand

If you want tomato to grow better, then you need to properly set up a support to let it grow, so as to avoid the lodging of the plant, and also make it bloom and bear more fruit, you can use some wooden sticks or bamboo sticks, or even water pipes, use some Tie the stem of the tomato with a cord.

4. DIY Seed Incubator

There are some leftover cups or old boxes at home, which can be used to make seed lncubator. Of course, they must be properly handled. The bottom must be drilled to avoid water accumulation in the soil, and they can be turned into very useful seeding containers.

5. The Magical Use Of Egg Shells

Egg shells are used for many gardening purposes. They can be dried, crushed and sprinkled directly around plants to stop slugs or snails from eating them. If it is crushed into powder and mixed into the soil, it can well supplement calcium and potassium to plants.