Women's Wear Daily recently highlighted the surging popularity of the ancient Chinese "jade facial roller" on social media, with over 10,000 units sold amid a global downturn in beauty equipment sales.

Although the overall facial care instrument market experienced an 11 percent decline in 2017, the jade roller trend is on the ascent, with Pinterest reporting a remarkable 345 percent year-on-year increase in searches for "jade roller."

Featuring large and small oval-shaped jade wheels at each end and a jade handle, these rollers follow traditional healthcare principles by massaging facial nerve points, promoting lymphatic drainage, enhancing blood circulation, and easing skin aging.

In Chinese cultural depictions, ladies and princesses are often seen using jade rollers in their skincare routines.

Beyond its soothing coolness, placing the jade roller in the refrigerator overnight helps minimize facial oil. The chilled roller, when applied, constricts blood vessels and revitalizes the skin, making it an invigorating morning ritual.

Neglected areas like the neck are equally vital, and users are encouraged to start from the chest and work upwards each night for a lifting effect.

The importance of balanced pressure and equal time on both sides of the face during a massage is emphasized, targeting key areas such as the chin, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes.

The jade roller extends its benefits to the temples for mental refreshment, the cheeks and chin for skin firming, and the neck for stress release.

Notably, the jade roller comes with a complementary Gua Sha board, versatile for facial massage, arm scraping, and even as a lactation tool for breastfeeding women. Its detoxification and dampness elimination effects add to the allure of this ancient practice.

The phenomenon's surge in the United States is attributed to celebrity endorsements and the widespread promotion by beauty bloggers on social media platforms. Marianna Hewitt, a renowned U.S. beauty blogger, garnered significant attention with her $7 Amazon-bought jade roller in 2017, sharing her experience on Instagram and YouTube.

The video's popularity surpassed averages, sparking curiosity among fans about incorporating jade rollers into their skincare routines. The convergence of star influence and social media advocacy underscores the jade roller's meteoric rise in the beauty and wellness landscape.

The jade roller, beyond its traditional roots, has become a cultural and social media sensation, reshaping the beauty industry in the United States.

As the global beauty equipment market experienced an overall downturn in 2017, the jade roller defied the trend, becoming a coveted beauty tool. Pinterest's reported surge of 345 percent in searches for "jade roller" signals a profound shift in skincare preferences.

Beyond its cooling and soothing properties, the jade roller's versatility extends to the neck, chest, and temples, offering a holistic approach to skincare. Users are encouraged to adopt a systematic and balanced approach, ensuring equal attention to both sides of the face.

The complementary Gua Sha board adds another layer to this trend, providing a multi-functional tool that transcends facial massage.

The significant rise of the jade roller in the U.S. can be attributed to the influential backing of celebrities and the impactful outreach by beauty bloggers on social media.

Marianna Hewitt's experience with a $7 jade roller, shared on Instagram and YouTube, became a viral sensation, creating a ripple effect of interest and curiosity among beauty enthusiasts.

This convergence of star power and digital advocacy has propelled the jade roller into the mainstream, transforming it from an ancient Chinese beauty secret into a modern skincare phenomenon.