The bathroom is one of the intimate spaces in the home and is a place we must use every day.

Therefore, when it comes to bathroom renovation, we need to take into account practicality, aesthetics, and safety.

The following are some details of bathroom decoration:

1. Bathroom Layout

In the bathroom renovation, we need to plan the layout of the bathroom.

The layout needs to take into account the different functional areas such as the toilet, shower area, wash area, and storage area.

When planning the layout, you need to take into consideration such as the size of the space and the usage habits of family members to ensure a reasonable layout.

2. Floor and Wall Material Selection

When considering materials for floors and walls, it is important to consider factors such as water resistance, longevity, and visual appeal.

When it comes to bathroom floors and walls, suitable options include tile, stone, or PVC.

It should be noted that the floor and wall materials should be selected for good waterproof performance to prevent leakage and moisture.

3. Bathroom Equipment Selection

In the choice of bathroom equipment, your first priority is the needs of family members and personal preferences.

Generally speaking, the bathroom needs to be equipped with a toilet, shower equipment, washbasin, and other equipment.

If there are elderly or children in the family, you can consider choosing some higher security equipment, such as handles and non-slip floor mats.

4. Lighting Design

The design of the bathroom lighting needs to take into account brightness and comfort.

Bathroom lighting should be able to illuminate the entire space but also avoid being too harsh. You can choose some soft lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere.

5. Air circulation

The air circulation in the bathroom is also very important. As the bathroom is prone to humidity, ventilation fans or exhaust ducts need to be installed to ensure air circulation to prevent the growth of moisture and mold.

6. Waterproof and Safety

If the overall waterproofing of the bathroom is not done well, it may lead to big trouble later, as it is easy to leak.

The bathroom is very wet, so you need to be extra careful when installing spotlights and wires. Lamps and switches are best to choose from with safety protection features.

In summary, bathroom decoration needs to take into account the layout, floor and wall materials, bathroom equipment selection, lighting design, air circulation, and other factors.

Only while taking into account the practicality, beauty, and safety can create a comfortable and healthy bathroom space.