Born on December 30, 1975, in Long Beach, California, USA, Eldrick Tiger Woods is a highly esteemed professional golfer whose influence transcends the realm of golf.

He is widely recognized as one of the greatest players in modern golf history, celebrated for his extraordinary skills, unwavering competitive spirit, and lasting impact on the sport and society.

Early Life

Tiger Woods' early life experiences laid the foundation for his remarkable career. His father, Earl Woods was a passionate golf enthusiast.

Meanwhile, his mother, Colleen Woods, played a pivotal role as Tiger's first golf coach. Tiger's exposure to golf began in his formative years, and his innate talent and fervor for the sport became evident. He demonstrated exceptional promise in junior golf competitions, foreshadowing a brilliant career.

Tiger Woods pursued higher education at Stanford University, where he achieved significant success. However, in 1996, he made the pivotal decision to forgo his college education and turn professional.

Prior to this, he had already amassed several amateur championships, and in 1996, he earned the distinction of being named the best amateur golfer during the Masters.

Professional Career

Tiger Woods' professional golf career is nothing short of legendary. He officially entered the professional circuit in 1996 and quickly made an indelible mark.

His unprecedented triumph at the 1997 Masters, where he won by an astounding 12 strokes, established him as the youngest Masters champion in history. This victory solidified his status in the golfing world and marked him as a player destined for greatness.

Over the following years, Tiger Woods went on to secure numerous major championships, including the British Open, the U.S. Open, and the Masters. He became renowned for his commanding swing, unflappable mental fortitude, and remarkable course management skills.

His professional journey spanned multiple golf tour seasons, encompassing the highly competitive U.S. PGA Tour, the prestigious European Tour, and numerous other prestigious events worldwide.


Tiger Woods' career has been punctuated by a series of remarkable achievements, including:

Championships: Tiger Woods has triumphed in multiple professional golf championships, boasting an impressive collection of 15 major championships. Among these, he has claimed five Masters titles, four U.S.

Opens, three British Opens, and three PGA Championships. He ranks among the most decorated players in modern golf history.

World Rankings: Tiger Woods has consistently held the coveted top position in the world golf rankings, underscoring his undisputed dominance in the realm of golf.

PGA Tour Victories: With a remarkable 82 wins on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods has solidified his status as one of the most prolific winners in the history of the tour.

Olympic Gold: Tiger Woods proudly represented the United States in Olympic golf, clinching a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

PGA Player of the Year: His multiple PGA Player of the Year awards bear testament to his enduring supremacy and unwavering excellence in the world of golf.

Injuries and Resurgence

Despite his glittering career, Tiger Woods has encountered a series of physical setbacks and personal trials. Notably, in 2008, he underwent surgery for a knee injury, and subsequent injuries continued to challenge him.

Nevertheless, he scripted an extraordinary comeback story at the 2019 Masters, securing his 15th Grand Slam title, marking his first major victory since 2008. This resurgence garnered widespread acclaim and is regarded as one of the most remarkable comebacks in the annals of golf.

Eldrick Tiger Woods is a golfing legend with an illustrious career and a string of accolades. His exceptional skills, relentless competitive spirit, and far-reaching influence extend beyond the golfing world, leaving an indelible impact on sports and society.

His triumphant return to the pinnacle of golf serves as an inspiration, emphasizing the significance of resilience and unwavering determination. Whether as a professional golfer or a global sporting icon, Tiger Woods has etched his name indelibly into the annals of sports history.