As many people begin to raise pet foxes, keeping pet foxes has also attracted the attention of many people. for people who start raising pet foxes for the first time, they must master the living habits of pet foxes.

Foxes live in a variety of environments, living in mountains, hills, forests, grasslands, mountains, deserts, plains and other places, often with stone cracks, tree caves, soil caves, bushes and so on as nests. Lie in caves during the day and come out at night.

The fox is quick in action. Good at running, the footprint is very much like the rabbit's footprint. Sharp vision, developed sense of smell and hearing, strong memory.

Foxes can crawl along cliffs, swim and climb trees. The fox is smart, cunning and paranoid, and sleeps day and night. Wild foxes live in groups, the struggle for survival between species is fierce, and the law of the jungle is the prey of the jungle.

Foxes have strong cold resistance and are not resistant to heat. They like to live in a dry, fresh and clean environment. Adult foxes change their hair once a year, and newborn snow foxes often have black fetal hair, but generally, the whole body becomes snow-white after the first hair change, and there is no miscellaneous hair all over the body;

Firefox shows red hair only after the first hair change.

From March to April, the hair was changed from the head and forelimbs, followed by the neck, back, body side, abdomen, hind limbs, and finally the buttocks and tail roots. The growth order of new hair is the same as that of depilation.

From July to August, the winter hair fell off, the hair born in spring stopped growing at the beginning of summer, and a large number of new needle hairs and villi grew at the end of July.

Therefore, the structure of winter hair is very different from that of summer wool. Summer hair is darker and shorter than winter hair, and winter hair is long and dense.

The length of sunshine has a great influence on hair removal, the light time is shortened artificially in summer and autumn, the winter wool can mature ahead of time, and the hair grows faster at low temperatures.

Generally speaking, foxes like to be cold and afraid of summer heat. When the summer temperature exceeds 36 degrees Celsius, they should try to avoid direct sunlight. If possible, they can keep the electric fan or air conditioner on to avoid the summer heat.

Foxes are omnivorous and can eat many kinds of food, but it is generally best to feed dog food, which can reduce the bad smell of their stool and their bad breath.

In addition, it should be noted that foxes in the first year must be fed dog food, because the first year is the most critical period for their growth and development, and they are required to be comprehensive in terms of nutrition. If self-made food may lead to stunting, it also looks bad.

Foxes are solitary animals, and they generally live alone except during the period of mating and giving birth. If it is not the same litter of foxes, it is best not to keep them together. Usually, they will fight very badly and upset their owners.