Canvas shoes are a kind of shoes with thick rubber soles and canvas-covered uppers that emerged in Europe.

They are popular with people all over the world for being light, durable, and inexpensive. The main styles are high-top and low-top.

Product features.

1. Versatile

Canvas shoes are suitable for wearing on various occasions, suitable for work, travel, and sports.

2. Convenient.

Canvas shoes are light to wear, whether you go on a trip or do sports, and will be one of the best choices.

3. Comfortable

Lightweight, soft and comfortable. You won't get tired after wearing it for a long time.

4. Affordable

Compared with leather shoes and board shoes, the price is relatively low, you can buy good canvas shoes with less money.

Canvas sneakers have a long history.

As early as the 16th century, ordinary people in Europe made "felt shoes" similar to canvas shoes, and in the 19th century, many ordinary people in Europe began to wear canvas-soled shoes.

But natural rubber has its own characteristics, too soft on hot days, hard on cold days, and easy to crack.

Modern canvas-soled shoes are the result of industrialization.

American inventor Goodyear, in 1839, and many technicians, and master workers, together with the manufacture of "rubber vulcanization process", so that the natural rubber hardened, which makes canvas shoes can be more inexpensive and of good quality.

Canvas shoes are easy to match, especially black and white style canvas shoes, and canvas shoes with jeans are the constant truth, with pencil pants are also no problem at all.

When shopping for the upper to see if the curvature is normal and whether the two shoes are symmetrical, and whether there is no color difference.

Whether the stitching at different parts of the upper is even and neat, whether there are broken threads or jumping stitches; whether the color is consistent.

See if the shoe is vertical from the heel to the sole, if the lace holes are skewed, and if the left and right are lined.

See whether the patterns and words printed on the upper are clear and whether the decorative icons pasted or sewn are firm.

Check the sole, the sole is generally made of rubber outsole, such soles require wear resistance, and anti-slip, but are also light. When buying and selling, remember to see whether the anti-slip stripes on the sole are clear and whether there are any defects of falling rubber.

Check whether the stripes are evenly spaced and whether the color of the sole of the same material is consistent. See if there are air holes or blisters.

Finally, check the sole. The sole is touched by hand, it should be soft and have some elasticity.

How to maintain canvas shoes?

When cleaning canvas shoes, wet the shoes with warm water and brush them with transparent soap or laundry detergent, preferably with a soft bristle brush.

After cleaning, put them in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally, do not put them in the hot sun or put them in a high-temperature place to bake, in order to prevent degumming and accelerate aging.

Do not let the shoes and acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical substances in contact, so as not to be corroded by degumming deformation.

Avoid contact with sharp and pointed objects to prevent scratching the upper body.

So, do you have a pair of canvas shoes?