When you come to Paris, in addition to visiting various famous historical sites, of course, you can't miss the French desserts that people all over the world can't stop. Macaron is the representative dessert of France. This French dessert originated in Paris is now sought after by people all over the world.

Macarons are mainly made from egg whites, ground almonds, granulated sugar and icing sugar.

The top-quality macarons pay attention to the coordination of various raw materials, and the fusion of various tastes produces rich layers, which will also reflect luster under the light; and the skin is crispy and the inside is soft, making people memorable.

This article will tell you the five macaron shops in Paris that you can't miss the most.

1. Laduree

The famous Parisian dessert Laduree was founded in 1862. After nearly a century and a half, Laduree's status in the hearts of dessert fans around the world is still unshakable. Although Laduree also has many signature desserts, only Macaron is like the store's business card, and everyone knows it.

Some people also claim that if you go to Paris and don't eat the Macaron produced by Laduree, it will be in vain!

2. Pierre Hermé

Pierre Herme is known as the Picasso of desserts, and also known as the Hermes of desserts. He is a pastry chef that no one knows about in France today. Pierre Herme is idolized by many pastry chefs. The macaron he made is even more beautiful as it is called "like a girl's breast".

Every March 20th is Pierre Herme's Macaron Festival, a day for people who are obsessed with macarons.

On this day every year, the PH store only sells macarons, and the fixed content is that every customer who enters the store can receive three macarons for free, so there is always a long queue at the door of the PH store on this day.

3. Pierre Marcolini

When it comes to Pierre Marcolini, loyal chocolate lovers must be fascinated. Pierre Marcolini chocolate is one of the most famous chocolates in Belgium. As the "Haute Chocolaterie" (high-end chocolate shop) is written on the signboard, it is one of the most famous chocolates in the world.

4. Pasquier

In 1974, Brioche Pasquier was also the family's bakery, specializing in cakes, breads, chocolates, puffs, macarons and more. With the expansion of the business, the French company Brioche Pasquier was established, and at the same time, the business was expanded, especially macarons, which were the most cutting-edge products in France at that time, and one of the indispensable desserts for the French elite to reflect their identity at that time.

True French traditional recipe, large-scale high-tech industrial production. That's why they still use the recipe of Pasquier's artisan dessert shop 50 years ago. Natural plant-derived coloring, no artificial coloring and preservatives.

Pasquier High-Intensity Quick Freezing Technology: After thawing, the product is as fresh as fresh from the oven.

5. Jean Paul Hevin

France's top brand Jean Paul Hevin creatively used chocolate sauce into macarons, and its macarons were selected as the first in Paris. The outer skin is relatively crisp, especially the sandwich part. Unlike other brands, which are egg whites and powdered sugar, this one is different.

It has many layers of flavors and textures, including passion fruit flavor, chocolate flavor, rich layers and rich flavor.