Jerusalem artichoke belongs to the Asteraceae plant, and its flowers are beautiful and have a certain ornamental value.

Jerusalem artichoke is a cold- and drought-tolerant plant that can tolerate low temperatures. When breeding, pay attention to sufficient light. The requirements for soil selection are not high, but acidic soils, swamps, and saline-alkali soils are not suitable for planting.

It is a perennial herb. Its height is between three meters and the stem is erect with many branches. Its leaves are opposite, the upper ones are alternate, and the shape is oval or elliptical. Its flower heads are large and bloom from August to September.

Jerusalem artichoke does not require high temperature and has good adaptability. The most suitable for it is between eighteen and twenty-two degrees, but a little higher or lower will not affect its growth. In winter, its tubers can endure as low as minus thirty degrees. However, if it is the part above ground, it cannot go below minus five degrees. In addition, Jerusalem artichoke is a kind of sun-loving plant. Generally speaking, when the light is maintained for about twelve hours a day, its tubers can form and grow better. However, try to avoid strong sunlight. Jerusalem artichoke is very drought-resistant and requires little water. Jerusalem artichoke does not require too much nutrients in the soil. Choose soil with the right amount of nutrients, and usually require little fertilizer.

Jerusalem artichoke has a passionate, strong and brave flower language. The flower color of Jerusalem artichoke is bright yellow, giving people a feeling of sunshine and positivity, and Jerusalem artichoke has a tenacious life and can grow in a relatively harsh environment, so it is suitable for gifting to friends, in order to praise friends for their positive energy. Moreover, Jerusalem artichoke also has a strong and brave flower language. The vitality of Jerusalem artichoke is tenacious. Even if it grows in a hot and barren environment, it can still bloom beautiful flowers, so it can convey a good quality of not being afraid of difficulties and facing difficulties bravely.