The calla lily has a unique and beautiful shape and is a very elegant flower.

Calla lilies are very elegant, with white buds, like horseshoes, and green leaves with white spots. The swallowed calla lotus is a symbol of purity, innocence and simplicity. It is often used to make bouquets, flower baskets, garlands and vase inserts, and the decorative effect is particularly good. Dwarf and small-flowered potted plants are used for placing steps, windowsills, balconies, and mirrors. They are exotic and especially vivid and lovely. Calla lilies are used in gardens, especially when they are planted in clusters next to pools or rock piles. They are very beautiful when they bloom.

Calla lilies prefer a warm, humid and sunny environment. Intolerant of cold and drought. The optimum temperature for growth is 15-25°C, and the night temperature is not lower than 13°C. If the temperature is higher than 25°C or lower than 5°C, it is forced to dormancy. Calla lilies like water, the soil should be kept moist during the growth period, and the watering should be controlled after the tubers enter a dormant state during the high temperature period in summer. The soil requires fertile, clayey loam with good water retention.

When caring calla lilies, choose a 1:2:1 mixed soil of leaf mulch, pond soil and poultry manure. Half-shade conservation can accept astigmatism for about 5 hours during the flowering period, and the temperature should be kept at 20 ~ 30 ℃, 2 ~ Water once every 3 days, and fertilize once a month during the growing season. Usually, it is propagated by division when repotting in autumn to make it prosperous. During the maintenance of the calla lily, it should be maintained in half shade. During the flowering period, the calla lily can be exposed to scattered light for about 5 hours to make it bloom better, and the temperature of the growth environment of the calla lily should be maintained at about 20-30 °C. make it thrive. In addition to watering the calla lily once every 2 to 3 days, when the soil is slightly dry but not completely dry, the calla lily can be sprayed with water. In summer, spray can be used to cool the lily. In winter, the water temperature and indoor temperature should be selected.

The flower language of calla lilies is: fraternity, eternity, elegance and so on. Calla lilies get their name because they look like horseshoes. In Europe, calla lilies often appear as brides' bouquets, implying endless love and happiness. It is said that every girl waiting for love is a bouquet of holy calla lilies. As long as they are nourished by devout love, they will always be united and have good luck.