We often discuss which kind of dog has a higher IQ. In fact, after a long period of human domestication, dogs have been able to understand more commands. The intelligence of dogs is equivalent to the age of six or seven years old. But in fact, the IQ of cats is not low, and many cats can also learn to shake hands, sit, lie down, roll and a series of commands.

With the increasing number of cat owners, people have come into contact with cats of all breeds. Today we will talk about the 6 smartest cats in the cat IQ ranking.

First place: Hairless cat

Hairless cats have no fur, so many people find them very ugly. Although hairless cats are weird, they are very docile and intelligent. With a little training, they can even be as obedient as dogs. For example, catching thrown items back is a piece of cake for them.

Second place: Bali cat

Balinese evolved from the longer-haired individuals naturally produced in Siamese kittens, very similar in appearance to Siamese cats, and have similar personalities. But Balinese cats have a higher IQ than Siamese cats and are more docile. Their fur is very smooth and beautiful, and their body is elegant and attractive.Balinese cats get their name because experts associate Balinese dancers with their graceful poses. Bali cats have a large and long tail, their fur is as soft as silk, and their calls are very soft. They are a kind of cat with both intelligence and beauty.

Third place: Asian leopard cat

Asian leopard cats are larger than the average domestic cat, they also have longer legs and have a nice coat. Depending on where they are found, their hair color varies, including hazel, yellow, gray-brown, or reddish-brown. The leopard cat is well-proportioned, with large, round eyes, erect pupils, and small, round or pointed ears. They are highly athletic and alert to their surroundings. Their strength, confidence, agility and grace are simply admirable.

Fourth place: Siamese cat

Siamese cat is a world famous shorthair cat and a representative breed of shorthair cat. It is native to Siam, Thailand, hence the name Siamese cat. Siamese cats can better adapt to the surrounding environment, and are lively and active, witty, flexible, curious, and considerate. Siamese cats are also very intelligent, and can quickly learn tricks such as somersaults and throwing throws. The Siamese cat's meow is distinctive or like a child's cry, and it is very loud.

Fifth place: Chartres cat

Chartres are native to France. Chartreuse cats are large, sturdy, and slightly fat, and adult cats can weigh up to 7kg. It has a blue-gray elastic fur with silver tips, thick and soft fur, and is waterproof.

Sixth place: Japanese Bobtail cat

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat breed with a congenitally short tail caused by a genetic mutation. According to legend, they have a long history and may have been introduced to Japan from Korea in ancient times. Japanese Bobtails are intelligent, docile, and very adaptable to the environment, making them very suitable as pets. Some classic characters in Japanese anime are also based on Japanese bobtail cats.