The charm of nature is endless, and the beautiful scenery created by it can make people spend their whole lives pursuing, slowly appreciating, and savoring it.

If you have the opportunity, you must take your time to appreciate these beauties of the world. There are the top four natural landscapes worth visiting in the world.

1. Lake Windermere, a source of inspiration

Lake Windermere is in a glacial valley running north-south through the Khumbulian Mountains. It covers an area of 150,000 square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake is 64 meters.

It is the largest and longest lake in the lake area and even in the whole of England. It is also an ideal place for water activities. Britain's most famous romantic lakeside poet "William Wordsworth" was born and lived here.

With the lake as a companion, he wrote a large number of beautiful poems that influenced later generations. Lake Windermere is likened to a source of inspiration and hope for Europe.

2. Switzerland, the park of the world

Switzerland is a well-known "world park", from the Alps to Lake Geneva, you can find all kinds of corners and corners that can be seen as picturesque.

The Alps were created by nature and carved by civilization. In the revolving restaurant of the Hilton Hotel, you can overlook the mountains at your feet, or you can take the train from Geneva to the Jungfraujoch to see the glacier. Many cable cars allow you to climb to the top of a mountain without any dust.

From Jungfrau to Aletsch is the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier. This glacier was listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001 and is a fascinating fairy tale world.

3. Vermont the most beautiful autumn

The autumn scenery in the New England region in the eastern state of Vermont is very beautiful. The mountains are stacked, and the maple forest is lush, making Vermont famous for its autumn scenery.

Needless to say, the color of a leaf has a gradation pattern, that is, it also shows a subtle sense of layering between the latitude and the height of the terrain, layer upon layer. On Vermont's border with Canada, maple leaves turn red at first, and then gradually advance southward, basically at a rate of 10 kilometers per day.

Where there are mountains, there is such a color gradient between the mountains, so that when viewed from a distance, it is like wearing an ochre skirt for the mountains. It was so warm that it was about to burn like a flame.

4. The North Island of New Zealand, the place where myths were born

If there are places in the world that are destined to breed myths, it must be the North Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand's North Island, with snow-capped peaks, turquoise seas, clear lakes, and dense forests, shows visitors 100% of the original form.

When you set foot on this land, you will feel that you have found the home of the soul you have been looking for.

The Firefly’s Cave is undoubtedly the most immortal and most popular landscape on the North Island. This is a huge limestone cave. In the season of flying fireflies, it is like being in the dark night by taking a small and low canoe, and when you look up inadvertently, you suddenly see the "starlight" in the sky, that is, countless flying fireflies with lanterns flying around, very romantic, extremely beautiful.